Scientific Facts About Reincarnation That Will Change Your Beliefs

What religions believe in reincarnation
What religions believe in reincarnation?

Reincarnation Facts That Science Has Proved. In this article we will talk about reincarnation facts that we know to be true according to science, religion and history. It is quite possible that reincarnation is one of the oldest beliefs in the world. Some archaeologists believe that this was the reason why in the Stone Age (10,000 to 5,000 years a. C.) the bodies were buried in a fetal position, to facilitate rebirth.

The idea of ​​reincarnation is accepted in Eastern countries by over 400 million people. Today in the West, this figure hasn’t been reached, but let’s not forget that this belief was widespread in various forms by European ancient cultures, both in its primitive versions and among the most advanced, like those of Greece and Rome.
A very well known researcher of reincarnation facts is Ian Stevenson who dedicated more than 30 years to the detailed study of suspected cases of reincarnation in children who claim to remember a previous life. Stevenson is a Canadian psychiatrist and physician, and has developed his work in the Department of Mental Health at the University of Virginia, USA. Currently, along with his staff, he carries over 2,500 cases of possible reincarnation in different parts of the world. From 1960 to the present he has published more than 20 books and many articles in journals of psychology and psychiatry.

Reincarnation facts
Reincarnation facts

We will discuss what are the common characteristics in these cases of children who remember a previous life to reach specific reincarnation facts.

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Many of these cases suggest that reincarnation follows a similar pattern. A 2-4 year-old child starts talking to their parents or siblings of a life that they had in another place and another time. The child often feels a strong attraction to the facts of that life and often insists to their parents to let him return to the community in which he claims to have lived before.

Upon repeated concrete statements about the previous life, the parents, who are generally reluctant at first, begin to investigate their veracity. In most cases this check is not attempted until several years later and at the repeated insistence of the child. This is also due to the possibility of having more details of the previous life as the child handles the language more widely. Then the family usually visits the place where the child says they used to live and there is asked if they can recognize places, objects and people of a supposed former existence. This reincarnation facts can usually be checked very easily.

The earliest age at which there is record of remembering a past life is 1 year and 5 months; the latest age is 4 years and 5 months. These statements can be like, “You’re not my mother” or “You’re not my father” or “My parents live far from here” accompanying these comments with the description of places, names, people, etc., with extreme precision. Another type of statement can appear when the child refers to a specific event: “That happened to me when I was older!”, Continuing with the demonstration of concrete facts about the experience they lived.

This particular behavior continues in most children up to 5 or 7 years of age, although there are records of cases in which it continues until the age of 16.

Ian Stevenson, in his book Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation, written in 1966 and reissued in 1974 with new information on the studied cases, makes an analysis of various phenomena of possible past life memories registered in different countries around the world.

Reincarnation facts
Reincarnation facts

An important issue in these cases is the validity of the information obtained, the confidence one can have on this reincarnation facts. In many cases Stevenson was able to be present at the time the recognitions took place, and what also has an impact is the strong emotional charge of these meetings or reunions, the emotion felt by the child when hugging his mother, brothers and other relatives of the former life.

This group of researchers developed a number of possible explanations for this phenomenon. They elaborate various hypotheses that may account for these experiences, all of them carrying similar nodal schemes. As they research, the discard those that are not so logical and those that can not respond to the complexity of this phenomenon. They analyze possible scenarios such as fraud, cryptomnesia (remembering information after forgetting it was obtained), genetic memory, etc.

What is unique and characteristic of this phenomenon is that these children usually start talking about their past lives in any time and anywhere, without disrupting their games or tasks. At one point something comes up that reminds them of an event of the previous life, they make a brief comment on it and then the memory disappears. Parents do not notice anything unusual about the child’s behavior, either then or at any other moment, nothing strange is found in these stories. In many cases there has been a tendency to some precocity and seriousness of character in these children, but nothing that can be considered a psychopathology or outside the field of mental health.

These children have very clear that in the past they were a specific person and that now they are a different person, with a different name. They have a sense of “continuity” between the current character and the previous one, a feeling that closely resembles what each of us feel comparing how we are today and how we were when we had a few years of age, i.e. they feel they are the same being.

When asked Ian Stevenson, in an interview a few years ago, what has motivated him to study this field, what has led him to devote decades of his life to researching this phenomenon, he replied that he had always been interested in the study of human personality but the various theories about personality never came to satisfy him; therefore he states that not only he uses genetic and environmental theories to understand singularities and abnormalities of the human personality as any psychiatrist and psychologist does, but also considers reincarnation as a third possibility, which offers a better explanation for certain “strange” behaviors occurring in the first years of life and often persisting throughout life. And he states:

Facts about reincarnation
Facts about reincarnation

“…We are not obliged to believe that every case that suggests reincarnation has to be explained as an example of it. What we consider is whether there are some cases (or at least one case) in which there is no other explanation and reincarnation seems best to connect all the data.”

And in many cases he does not find any explanation more accurate than the existence of these reincarnation facts.

Various surveys in several Western countries expressed the belief in reincarnation is increasing. It would seem that what is due to natural law can not remain hidden for long.

Modern science, once more, when studying human nature, meets certain phenomena that has to do with the soul, a being that transcends the body, so it is forced to expand their field of study to get closer to what it is always looking for: the truth.

Scientific observation of Reincarnation Facts

There are still many facts about reincarnation we can look at to fully understand this phenomena. Spontaneous memories of the past, of events that occurred to a distinct personality in a time before the current existence is of significant scientific value. Through analysis and testing of the stories of the previous lives, the hypothesis of reincarnation becomes a fact.

Throughout contemporary history, we find many scientists who have rejected the idea of ​​reincarnation. They have been and are very educated, doctorates most times at well-known universities, with a certain prestige within science, which has almost always prevented them from accepting these concepts and ideas, due to fear of losing their status and being ridiculed by their colleagues, as happened to Charles Richet. However, in many cases the evidence was such that even being enemies or supporters of this theories, have been held to the same evidence, and without preconceptions and prejudices, they made public their findings, fighting against a hostile environment.

Mankind has always resisted change and the acceptance of new ideas. Historical texts are full of examples. When Galileo discovered the natural satellites of Jupiter, astronomers of his time refused to accept their existence and even to look at those satellites, as they were in conflict with the generally accepted beliefs. This is also happening today with many therapists, who refuse to examine and evaluate the considerable evidence that was gathered, about survival after physical death, reincarnation facts and memories of past lives.

The effective demonstration of reincarnation can be shown primarily through:

  • A. In memory regression, which can be done by force of hypnotic suggestion, deep relaxation or spontaneous memories of past lives. In the latter case, the memory can appear both during sleep and wakefulness.
  • B. In mediumistic dictations, in which the medium is capable of transmitting revelations about their own or other people’s previous lives.
  • C. In innate ideas and the child prodigies, endorsing the scientific basis of heredity (spiritual), we also have the birthmarks (marks on the physical body) as further evidence that helps substantiate the research that has been done in this field.

As an example of the most important characters in the scientific study of facts about Reincarnation we have:

Professor Leon Hipolito Denisar Rivail: Known worldwide by the pseudonym Allan Kardec; Professor Rivail is the author of the codification of the Spiritist Doctrine; within the Spiritualist propositions, we must highlight the role that the Professor Lyonnais gave to scientific research of the spiritualist phenomenon, and therefore to reincarnation.

Facts about reincarnation
Facts about reincarnation

The Spiritist science, using all the instruments of conventional science, proves Reincarnation, transcending earthly science on a fundamental point, it aims at the study of the causes, while the earthly science has aimed at the study of the effects; that is why the spiritist science as is offered by Kardec, is the science of the soul and the most reliable proof of the existence of the law of Reincarnation.

Kardec contemporaries include Colonel Albert de Rochas 1837-1914, with his “Successive Lives” or 19 cases of past life regressions; in the preface to this work, Colonel de Rochas says the following: “If we have not managed to find the laws governing regions which are just being explored, the fact remains that there are such laws in the same way that the apparent inconsistency of planetary motion did not prevent them to obey Kepler’s laws before they were developed”. (Keplerian law: the square of the time taken by the planets in their orbits to go around the Sun, are proportional to the cubes of their median distances to it).

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The engineer Gabriel Delanne, as his father Alexander Delanne, was a close friend of the master Allan Kardec; this distinguished researcher and popularizer of spiritism had a brilliant life in terms of research and dissemination of spiritist phenomenon, earning a unanimous recognition of his work in international spiritist movement. Delanne, has left a good number of works, among which are the following: “Reincarnation”, The Soul Is Immortal, Psychic Evolution, Spiritualism Ahead Of Science, Katy King – History of the Apparitions, Let Us Listen to the Dead, etc…

Sir William Crookes; English chemist and physicist (1832-1919); London-born discoverer of thallium; in 1863 he was appointed member of the Royal Society of London. At age 20 he wrote works of great value on the polarized light; shortly after described the spectroscope in detail, publishing his studies of solar and terrestrial spectra. Astronomer of the Radcliffe Observatory in Oxford. At age 23 worked on photographic research of the moon, receiving large cash prizes as encouragement to continue his studies. His work on the fourth state of matter and the radiometer would be enough to give him the reputation of a sage. Spiritualism also owes him important services. William Crookes began his scientific phase of Spiritualism with the famous experiment conducted from 1870-1873 with mediums Florence Cook, Kate and Daniel Fox Home Daglas, having attained the full realization of a deceased spirit in a distant era: Katy King. Professor Crookes had the need to make appropriate instruments to this end, all this work is contained in his book Spiritualist Facts, through this work this distinguished professor scientifically demonstrated the survival of the soul and many facts about reincarnation.

Charles Richet - Reincarnation Facts
Charles Richet – Reincarnation Facts

Charles Richet; Born in Paris in 1850; at 28 years of age he entered as an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Medicine of Paris. At age 37 he was appointed Professor of Physiology at the same faculty. He was a member of the Academy of Medicine and the Institute of France. Awarded the 1913 Nobel Prize in Physiology. He was also director of the Scientific Journal. He did important research on reincarnation with positive results. He published among other works Gates of Mystery, The Sixth Sense, The Man and Intelligence Treaty Metaphysics, psychology courses and more.

Dr. Alexis Carrel; Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1912, keen student of reincarnation stated: “Saying that brain cells are the yields of mental processes is a worthless statement, because there is no means of observing the presence of a mental process inside cells”.

Gustav Geley; French physician and philosopher, director of the Institute of International metapsychic in Paris, among his works “From the unconscious to the conscious,” “The Two Psyches,” Reincarnation “,”Monism, Idealism and Palingenesis”, “Being Subconscious”, proving reincarnation and survival of the soul. Professor Gustav Geley said: “I am a reincarnationist for three reasons; because the palingenesis doctrine seems to me from the moral point of view perfectly satisfactory; from the philosophical point of view it is absolutely rational and from the scientific point view probable or rather true”.

Modern facts about Reincarnation

Edgar Cayce was an extraordinary American psychic that left great documentation of successive lives. A total of 2,500 files of cases treated by him, gives us the dimension of the extraordinary work that he accomplished. He was not a doctor.

For him it was not easy, as his first religious concepts and their thorough study of the Scriptures did not give him the key and the answers he was looking for. Edgar Cayce finally surrendered to the evidence.

He also made allusions to ancient Egyptian medical treatments, he was one of the pioneers of regressive therapy despite general resistance to accept it. Cayce was a simple, religious, naive man, with an average education, but with a vast knowledge gained in the past. He disincarnated in 1945 at 77 years of age. Dr. Gina Germinara conducted numerous studies based on the experiences of Cayce. Gina Germinara has a degree and a doctorate in psychology from the University of Wisconsin.

Dr. Germinara said: “Karma is a psychological law that acts mainly on the psychological field because the physical circumstances are just the means by which the psychological purpose is achieved.”

Doctor Hamendra Banerjee; Psychology professor with more than 1,000 confirmed cases of reincarnation. To highlight this we can use the case of Romy:

Romy and her parents lived in the city of Des Moines, State of Iowa, USA. One day while returning from Chicago, her father reads a sign and announces to his wife and Romy “this is the way to Charles City”. Romy immediately said: “I used to live in Charles City”. She then started to provide information, she was a man called Joe Wike and his wife was Sheila, the name of his parents were Louise and Larry, remembered her mother had a scar on her left leg as a result of a burn and said he died with his wife in a motorcycle accident. He described the house where he lived. Dr. Banerjee spoke with the child and her parents, and proposed to travel to Charles City. On the way she showed signs of great joy and asked to stop at a florist to buy some flowers that the one who used to be her mother liked.

Arriving home, she led them to the door the family used, which was not the front door. They knocked the door an old lady appeared, but when they started to talk, the old woman closed the door. When Romy and her parents visited her again, the old woman had received the flowers and asked how they knew she liked blue flowers? When comparing the reincarnation facts given by Romy with the old lady, it is all correct, and they even get to see the scar on her left leg. The old lady shows them a picture of the family and the child can name one by one.

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Dr. Edith Fiore won her honorary Doctorate of Psychology at the University of Miami. Her experiences are recounted in the book “You Have Been Here Before.” In writing this book, the author confesses the impact suffered by the discovery of the reincarnation doctrine, she confessed that she was “totally disinterested” when she began her work. She accepted the doctrine of successive lives as a possible therapeutic tool. She tells us that each individual is a universe apart and every solution must be individual, because the problems are personal and not transferable. As a good psychologist, she is convinced that problems can have their solutions or at least the key to understanding them in our own past. Again she declares: “therapy of our lives is woven with very old threads and the design is complex.”

Not always successive lives therapy is used to solve a physical problem or psychological disorder, it is also useful to help us understand the psychology of the human being, the mechanisms of our society; behaviors, thoughts, skills, qualities or defects.

Doctor Resart Bayer; psychiatrist and president of the Turkish Society of Parapsychology has an archive of more than 150 reincarnation cases investigated and duly recorded.

Dr Alexander Cannon; scientist and doctor of nervous diseases, psychiatrist, has a collection of 1,382 works noting the reality of reincarnation.

Dr. Norris Netherton in collaboration with Nancy Shiffrin published a book “Past Life Therapy” in which they describe psychotherapeutic cures obtained at their clinic in Los Angeles. The method used for the research is based is the recollection of the trauma suffered by patients in previous lives.

In conclusion; the phenomenon of Reincarnation is now a proven fact, scholars scientists named here are not the only ones, this research extends to just some universities in the United States and Europe. The New Age is already underway, consciences are awakening from the ancient slumber, and no one is surprised when we hear the question “what have I done in another life to deserve this?” This is already a common phrase, gradually the idea of ​​reincarnation is taking shape in our consciousness. Science is responsible for giving the stamp of authenticity to this reincarnation facts, and the modern man, after centuries of darkness, can come out as the clear winner of death and understand that everything that happens to us is the result of our own responsibility.

This concludes the article on facts about reincarnation and science. Keep reading this website to learn more about reincarnation after death.

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  1. Everything in this universe is a cycle including the whole universe. In this universe things are born and then die weather living or non living, and the same materail is then tranformed into something else. Stars are born, exist for a while and then die out and the left over materail is tranformed in to something else.

    Reincarnation is not any different, the only difference is the material is replaced by something that our senses are not able to understand, feel or record and that is the reason why we find it difficult to apprehend this phenomonon. Reincarnation is travel of ATAMA (spirit or being) in cycle of birth and death from one life form to another until the Atama joins up with PARMATAMA (Supreme being or God) i.e. Mokhsha or Nirvana.

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